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What Older Adults Must Know About Rx Risks

We've been giving this seminar at St. James and other local locations:

Learning about your medications is critical to good health; especially as we get older and find ourselves taking many medications.  Most seniors take greater than 5 prescriptions, supplements, or non-prescription products. When used properly, medications can help us live longer, healthier lives.  But medication risks are one of the top causes of death, confusion, depression, falls, and disability and result in 12% of hospital admissions.  

Be an informed consumer and attend a free 60-minute seminar on the potential Rx risks that older adults face. 

I will discuss this topic including:

  • Reaction Risks
  • Drugs that Don't Mix
  • Side Effects
  • Case Examples
  • Signs of Potential Risk
  • and more

And I will answer questions.


Take home a free Guide to Common Over-The-Counter Medications. 

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