Don't Just Take My Word for It

Come to the Doctor with Me

I was nervous to go to the Medical Oncologist by myself. I invited Denise to join me in this visit so she could hear what the doctor was saying and better interpret the findings, and ask questions that I couldn't. - Betsy H. 

Ask the Pharmacist

I've used this service twice so far, and it's been wonderful.

  1. My doctor said I had allergies and suggested Allegra, Zyrtec and Claritin.  also take blood pressure medication.  I read the labels of the 3 medications and didn't know which to take. With 'Ask the Pharmacist' I called Denise and  asked her which was best for me.
  2. I just started taking a new antibiotic and it was the evening.  I felt a burning sensation on my face, neck and arms, and they looked red like I had a sunburn.  I called Denise, and she said I should hold off on it - that I might be having an allergic reaction - and that I should discuss with my doctor switching me to something else. I called my doctor, and she switched me to a different antibiotic. - Susan H.